We bring a unique blend of executive, operational, and board level expertise. We view our role as an added catalyst and a source of unbiased intellectual and operational resource for our companies’ management and shareholders. We do not try to tell the executives how to run their business, but we have learned over the years that young and fast growing companies almost always require much more than just capital and "broad-brush" long-term strategic directions. We are committed to providing on-going business and operational consultations whenever it is needed. As an advisor, investor and board member, we are singularly committed to providing our most objective, innovative and timely judgement and advice.

Our clients and investments are typically privately or closely held, and on occasion, family owned companies requiring expert assistance in the evaluation and execution of corporate financial transactions that accomplishes the requirements of its shareholders.

We believe that our experience in financing, advising and nurturing growth companies enables us to make significant contributions to our companies. Specifically, we frequently help our management teams with product and marketing strategy, alliances, key management recruitment, organizational development, operating guidelines, financing strategy, acquisitions, and public offerings. Before you work with us, ask us for references from the companies that we've helped.